Exhilarating performance

There are some clear advantages to going electric: no need to visit the gas station, no oil, no exhaust, etc. In addition, there are a host of benefits experienced by Zero owners on a regular basis that are not as obvious.
Behind the design of each cutting edge model is a philosophy of elegant simplicity that keeps the weight of the motorcycle low, virtually eliminates all routine power train maintenance and yields stealthy acceleration.

Saving Graph

Buying rowwet is easy on your pocket In long term



  • Petrol price Rs. 80 /lit
  • Petrol vehicle price Rs. 70000
  • Mileage of petrol vehicle 50KMpL
  • Electricity consumption for Rowwet : 2 KW consuming 2 units for full charge
  • Price of electricity Rs. 6/unit
  • Daily running Avg. 40 Kms
  • Mileage of Rowwet : 80 KMPC

Forget the Habit For

Buy Gas
Replace Clutch
Sync Throttle and Idle Speed
Change Engine Oil Filter
Lubricate Choke Cables
Change Engine Oil
Adjust Valve Clearance
Change Air Filter
Replace Timing Belt
Check External Fuel Houses
Replace Spark Plugs
Change Fuel Filter