The Equation to an Electric future

Rowwet is a very unknown word that is not a part of any dictionary but soon will become a part of your trendy vocabulary. It has a sense of force and power in every literal and practical sense.


Electrify Yourself

Be a part of the second Revolution from Petrol /Diesel engine to Electric.
Electric vehicles are the future of mobility with many more advantages over the conventional vehicle, eliminating frequent visits to gas stations and oil changes. Electric vehicles are vibration free and noiseless.Electric vehicles have several environmental benefits compared to conventional Internal Combustion engine vehicles. They have lower operating and maintenance costs, produce little or no Air Pollution, reducing dependency on petroleum and also have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric motors are significantly more efficient than Internal Combustion engines, less energy is required to operate an EV. Lastly, Electric vehicles are mechanically much simpler and are predicted to have a longer useful life, which can be beneficial for the environment.
Entering into two-wheeler is the first step to protect the environment. So why wait! Book your Rowwet Now and Electrify yourself. #BeApartofSolutionnotPollution



Electronics Motor with Retro Look

Fusion design EVs

Seemless Attractive Tail Lamps

Attractive Head/Tail lamps

Cruise Control

Cruise Control *

Dual Projector Lamp

Dual HeadLamp *

Duel Suspension

Dual Suspension

Duel Suspension

Alloy Wheels


State of Art Battery


Charging Infrastructure


Multicolor Instrumental Cluster

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